Monday, October 03, 2011

Well hello's been awhile

So if you are still with me here, you will see that I have not been posting lately. Hey life gets in the way. this has been a spring and summer of pure craziness and none of it fun!

It's now the Jewish New Year. A time to reevaluate and renew life. Actually my favorite time of year! So this evening as I was sitting making lists of all the things I wanted to do/learn/read/knit/craft....... I took a look at revamping the blog. A little Fall renewal and cleaning up, like putting a coat of paint on a wall.

First, I was using this blog to log and keep track of my knitting. Ravelry took it's place. Then I was keeping track of my reading but Goodreads was discovered. I discovered Pinterest and I can log all my crafty bits and bobs and recipes over there. Maybe a new picture for the header and some new colors with get me to write again......... I hope. :)

Happy New Year - L'Shana Tovah

PS. And you will notice that this blog now has it's own domain! YAY!!!

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