Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Apparently I have moved to Buffalo and no one has told me. Good Gravy (I cleaned this up because this was NOT my exclaimation when I looked out the window at 6:45 am), you should see the snow! Yes, we are in the middle of yet another mid-week blast and I am not happy. Not that there is anything you can do about it, but this Winter Lover is desperate for Spring.

Today "Mr. Perky Weatherdude" announced that there is more snow on the ground now than there was after the Blizzard of '78! And that was a TON OF SNOW!! Then, he smiled and said he didn't remember the Blizzard at all. Heh. Young Whippersnapper. LOL.

The cartoon from the local paper sums it up exactly.

So, it's February first and how are your resolutions coming along?? I will admit, I am doing rather well here. Ok, the one I really need to crack down on is "Eat More Fruit". Yes, I am a vegetarian but not I am not all that fond of fruit. It's more about the savory with me. Give me a big salad or a big bowl of steamed veg any day!! I did buy the fruit, now I just need to eat it.

Tomorrow I hope to post all my jewelry and knitting pictures. My camera card is full and I will show you what I have been up to, besides reading......and shoveling snow.

And because we need just a touch of something bright and sunny......

These are Icelandic Poppies. I want to plant some in my garden this year. Does anyone have any idea where I can buy the seeds???


Ann Bee said...

Nah, wouldn't kill me to comment. Just came back from my first visit to Arizona and found your cactus pattern. Love it. Thank you. Came back and immediately got about 6 inches of snow dumped on me, so I felt like a kindred spirit when I saw your post, then saw the Harlot, Purl Bee and Pioneer Woman. Excellent. I love the cactus; as soon as my newly acquired carpal tunnel syndrome settles down a bit, I'll get at it.
Thanks again. I hear it's going to snow again tomorrow...

Kate said...

Thanks for commenting Ann! I am happy you like the pattern. I first thought of making something like this at the Botanical Garden in Phoenix. I love AZ!!!

I hope it is not snowing where you are! Right now it is mild and sunny here....I'll take it!


PS. Email me a picture of your cactus when it is done. I would love to see it!