Monday, November 01, 2010


Sorry it has been awhile since I posted. I managed to come down with a nasty bug. Yah, that one, the one that is going around like wildfire. I managed to recover enough to go with my friend (and her delightful daughter) to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival over the weekend. YAY!

It was loads of fun. Sure, I could do without the few (and there were very few) tables of animal rights groups and the upsetting pictures, but for the most part there were LOTS of really interesting booths and TONS of samples. YUM!!!! I picked up magazines, bought a Southern Veggie cookbook (greens and grits anyone?), and discovered some new products (and got samples for later). I even got to try hemp milk. OK, while it was not my favorite thing, it wasn't all that bad (in a pinch when I can't find soy milk)

My favorite product was the most DELICIOUS Greek olives. I swear I wanted to distract the exhibitor (Hey look! There goes Elvis!) and make off with the sample bowl and go hide. Yah, they were that good! Unfortunately they are only available via internet ( There is a "free shipping" code too - VFE33 (exp. 12/30).

I did buy a can of organic fair trade cocoa powder (it was a bargain) and I see a chocolate cake in my future!!!
My Loot

If you have never been to a Veggie Fair, I suggest you go. You just may find meatless is not all that bad! I will be definitely be trekking into the city next year for it!

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