Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday is for Sightings!

And this one is for you Ms. L!!!!

One of my good friends was free over the weekend and the Longhorns had a bye week so no game for me, so we decided to go to the mall, walk around, surf the makeup counters and get some dinner! Oh, we had a ball! We ate some really awesome (read: fattening) food and walked our feet off BUT the best part was we also had a celebrity sighting. (And yes, I forgot my camera.) Who did we see? SNOOKI of Jersey Shore fame!!!

Watch the clip here of the SNL skit.
(not familiar with Snooki? She is part of the cast of MTV's reality show, Jersey Shore)

Well not the real person, but this make up chick at the Bobbi Brown counter LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HER. Seriously, right down to the spray on tan! The hair, the clothes, everything but the long nails!! We ended up trying some of the new Fall colors on. We found the perfect combination for a lovely look only to find out that the lip gloss (which made the entire look) was only available in a gift pack for twice the price and half the size. Which would not have been bad if the other colors were decent. "Snooki" got a little miffed that we did jump at the chance to by the gloss in the gift set!

We leave the store and we look at each other and burst into a fit of laughter and say, did we just get lipstick put on by Snooki??

Oh and I did put together a similar look for less in case you are a makeup fiend! It features a brand new MAC lip stick from the Venomous Villains collection. (Which by the way is amazing in every way) and a gold lip gloss from Sephora. I will swatch it tomorrow on my hand for you to see tomorrow in daylight.

But what really made the day was our "pseudo celebrity" sighting. We laughed more about that than anything else. At the end of the trip we were calling each other Snooki!!!! I think I should invest in a cell phone with a camera or start putting my little digital in my purse from now on! We both decided that this was a blog worthy event even without a picture for proof! LOL.

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