Monday, September 13, 2010

Dire Warning or Good Example?

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Today I am a dire warning. Definitely NOT a good example, well that is not necessarily true. Consider this post a friendly PSA (Public Service Announcement) to my canine loving friends in the North East and hey even in the Upper Mid West. Anyplace it is "deer country". Because deer ticks bring LYME disease.
Two of my three dogs have it. And they are really not in a high risk group at all! They only go out to"do their business". No lolling around the grass or running through the underbrush. They would much rather be on the sofa, snoozing peacefully, thank you very much. And I treat them with the oil based flea/tick control AND I even treat the lawn. So when the vet asked me during their annual wellness exams if I wanted a lyme test, naturally I said no. No need. Not at risk. I was glad I let her do the test eventually because I was so WRONG!!!

So both dogs are on antibiotics for a month. Lucky for me, the giving of the pills is not an issue. Then they will require more blood work (this is NOT a cheapo test, believe me) and then if the treatment works, a two part vaccine. OY. That is all I can say. More trips to the vet, more bills.
Lucy is the worst one because she is having significant lameness and her lab titer is MUCH higher. Hopefully they will be OK.

So do yourself a favor and get the vet to do a quickie test in the office for lyme and get the vaccine. You will save yourself $$ and some worrying! Thank you. PSA over and out.

That's the reason the posts have been so few and far between and mostly centered around nail polish. And there is one more "issue" that I might write about later...... an animal issue. LOL. And of course, China Glaze and OPI have released their Halloween Collections and as soon as I receive mine, I will post about those.

Hey, what about the knitting? And the jewelry? Ahem. Cough. Cough. Oh yah, that. Why I wrote this dang blog in the first place. I am sort of uninspired at the moment. I was working on helping a friend with a baby sweater (This thing was the most complicated teeny tiny sweater ever!) and just have not done much of anything. I have ordered some lucite beads in preparation for the holiday season, but nothing has come out of the studio yet. Those bead elves better get busy!!!

And one more excuse for good measure, who has gotten swept up in the "Hunger Games Trilogy" and the "Immortal Nicholas Flammel" series??? I just finished the Trilogy and am on third book fo the Nicholas Flammel series. LOVE!!!!

Ok, enough typing, time for supper!

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Melanie said...

Poor little guys! I hope the medicine works.