Monday, August 30, 2010

Nail of the Week!

Just thought I would start off the week with an absolutely amazing manicure! And you know how I love blue and green nail color. This one is AMAZING. I wished the picture showed how pretty and downright sparkly (in a good way) this is in person. It is vibrant and just the thing for hopefully one of the last hot weeks of summer. I would just LOVE yarn in this color!

It is from Orly's new Cosmic FX collection. This is Halley's Comet. I love it!!! I ordered it online last week and was delighted when it came. I also secured "Galaxy Girl" (dark purple) and "It's Not Rocket Science"(GREEN!!). The colors were previewed on Scrangie a few weeks ago, and I knew I would have to order them. She does a WAY BETTER job at photoing them than I do.

Lots of crazy busyness happening around here....... I'll fill you in later. Hopefully I can post more frequently than I have been. It certainly has NOT been a summer of leisure.

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