Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just popping in....

Oh I have so many posts in my head....swirling around and new stuff to add to the blog.... a new recipe...... crafty bits......and photos of my cool blue nails......but for now, you get a picture of an alpaca. :)

Yesterday my itouch crashed and with it, so did my world, apparently. Geez, I knew I relied on it quite a bit, but I guess I didn't realize just how much. So after a fit of swearing and tears (ask my friend Donna about the emails!!!), it is back up and running. Luckily my contacts, notes, date book and apps all popped back with little effort. The music however, is another story. So many playlists, so many songs, so many audiobooks and now, I am starting from scratch and reloading all of that. It's frustrating but it needed a good clean out/up from the stuff I listened to and am done with. There always has to be a positive, right?

My knitting has slowed to a mere standstill because I have been working with a friend who has mad skills, but picks poorly written baby sweater patterns and since the baby shower was last weekend and she is a tad under the gun, we have been rewriting the pattern and slowly knitting, row by row. Her doing the knitting and me cheering her on with the you can do this cheer. So my knitting is on hold....for the moment.

Ok, I have to dash...... Big Brother is on in a few minutes.........

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