Friday, August 06, 2010

Gillie's New Sweater

The other day it was a tad cooler here and the humidity was lower so I put Gillie's new green sweater on her and marched her out into the yard. She was not in the mood to have her picture taken, judging from this shot. Usually she is quite a ham.

This really needs a funny caption, but for the moment
I am brain dead and can't think of anything.

This project did not go as smoothly as I thought in the beginning. First off, this is the SECOND sweater. The first one was an EPIC FAIL. I made the size small AND I sewed the pieces together WRONG. I can't believe I actually am saying that. Which explains why the knit version I made her several years ago does not fit correctly. I was blaming the breed, as pugs are notoriously big chested. Apparently, it was because I cannot read a diagram. DUH.

I will say, now that I have two of these crocheted ones under my belt, I love the pattern. It's super quick (I think BOTH sweaters took me two days) and can be made with any yarn. This one is (gulp) super crunchy acrylic because it was the "test" to check fit and it needs to be washable and dryable. I refuse to hand wash a dog sweater. Does that make me a bad "dog mama"??

Muzzy looks a tad miffed that she does not get a sweater too.
Hers is in the works!!

Pattern: Basic Crochet Dog Sweater from "Dogs in Knits"
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green
Hook: Size H
Size: Medium

Thanks everyone for the birthday well wishes. Have a great weekend!

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Melanie said...

Heeeeheeee! Love that face of hers!!!!