Friday, July 23, 2010

Sounds of Silence

Sorry for the silence this week. I have a nasty foot infection. I will spare you any photographs I have of it, because well you might be having a snack as you read this. Yah, it's that nasty.
So some high dose antibiotics and some pain meds and hopefully I will be good as new and be able to wear shoes next week! Let's hope so.

I am going to settle in for a very quiet weekend of knitting, reading and movie watching! Some books I had on hold came in at the library. And of course, more discs of True Blood from Netflix! Now if I can just find someone to bring me some take out Chinese food, it would be perfect!

On the knitting front, the Einstein continues and I still love it. I also have a plan to start a burnt orange Longhorn sweater for the dog! It's almost football season and we all need to get our burnt orange on!!!!

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