Friday, July 16, 2010

Random thoughts on a Friday

Because my wireless is giving me fits today, and it is too dang hot (yes, again) out to take pictures, I decided to post random thoughts for today.

:: I am in love with the Einstein Coat. I started it today while waiting for my car to be worked on and had even the men at the service department of Toyota interested in knitting.

:: I hate the heat. I wonder if I could find a neat place to live closer to the Arctic Circle?

:: My dicentra plant in the front garden has now taken on the appearance of being hit by a meteor. It is also yellow and fried looking. I need to trim it, but for the reason why I have not done so, see above. Despite the risk of heat stroke, this must be done this weekend.

:: Alot happens outside my office window. A fox kit just walked by. Seriously, a young fox most likely born this year. Where is my camera when I need it. And there are three baby robin in the nest as of today.

:: I keep forgetting to make a hair appointment and if I don't do it soon, well, it's gonna get ugly. And it is way too hot for hair.

:: I am completely hooked on Season 2 of True Blood. Hooked, or should I say bitten. Ha!

:: I am also hooked on anime now that my friend suggested I watch "Howl's Moving Castle". (Thank you Hanane) I have now put everything Hayao Miyazaki has done in my Netflix queue. (And thank you Jena for the recommendations of what to watch first!)

I hope you have a nice weekend. I will be back next week with coat project updates and other crafty endeavors. And remember to wear your sunscreen.........

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