Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Designs!

Some pictures for you! Here is my latest designs! With more to come...I am on a roll!

The two pair on the cards are birthday gifts. Yes, the seafoam colored ones are the same design as a few weeks back, but a different recipient. I just love that design and need to make a pair for myself. I have several colors of vintage lucite so if you would like to order a pair (for yourself or a gift) send me an email!!!

The "watermelon" ones are MINE. ALL MINE. And I am not sharing. I cannot tell you how simply amazing these beads are in person. They are from the torch of my friend Jena. She even has a set for sale here. FIVE different colors are used to make these HOLLOW beads and they are as light as a feather. I even have more which I plan on making a necklace with...soon.

When I saw these findings, they were labeled "hibiscus cut outs". OK, sure. I can see the hibiscus in there but my first thought was citrus slice. I have these tiny, itty bitty lampwork spacers in lime green so how could I not make "Limeade Earrings". Nothing says Summer like Limeade!

This is my latest houseguest. Another nesting robin. She is right outside my office window. I don't think the eggs are going to hatch because she has been sitting on them for far too long now. I feel so bad. She is so dedicated to them, sitting on them in the full sun in this heat and humidity. I can tell she is really hot because her beak is open and her feathers are all ruffled in an attempt to get some relief. I put out large shallow dishes of water for her so she can at least get something to drink and hopefully cool herself down. I will keep you posted of the progress of the nest! Hopefully there will be babies soon!

I'm off to find some lunch and work on some laundry.... have a nice weekend!


Kathy said...

Very Yummy!!!

Kate said...

Thanks Kathy!