Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Well Hello There!!

Good Morning!!! Well, it has been a LONG time, hasn't it?? Don't think I have neglected my poor little blog. I have been thinking about it and well, I think it is time for a revamp!!! I have some fun things to post and over the Summer, my goal is to post more, update the look of the blog and try to revive this thing. (And I know my friends will get on my case if I don't update in a timely manner!! LOL)

It has been a long Spring, filled with not so fun things. But they are done and I am FREE!!! I am glad it is Summer and this year I am going to take the next three months and fill it with as much fun and sunshine as I possibly can. Oh yes, I have a list!!! Lots of knitting and gardening, cross stitch and yes, JEWELRY DESIGN!!! I am so looking forward to it!!

So to start us off.... this tree in my front walkway held a very pleasant surprise!!!

The Robin made her nest right where the little indent is in the back.
Wow, did I get a surprise when I went for the hose. :)
So, I have been afforded a rare look into the nest because I didn't have
to stand precariously on a ladder to look in or use a zoom lens!

Here is Day 1! So very, very tiny!!!

I took a picture every day at around the same time. So I will post a few more tomorrow. It is really amazing at how fast they grow!!!

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Melanie said...

Nice to see you post again, chicky. :)