Monday, June 21, 2010


Aren't these clogs AWESOME?? Ok, so they gave my budget a wee squeeze for the week, but they are yellow. And python print. And clogs. And super comfortable. How could I leave them in the store with all those factors staring me in the face? Seriously, I have always had a huge issue with shoes. Clogs always seem to be comfortable choice, and this pair was no exception. I even went for a long walk in my friend's neighborhood with them on and not a blister to be had! I am in love. Now I am eyeing another pair because they come in more animal prints. Zebra, and leopard, OH MY!!!!

I did lots of cooking over the weekend, spent some time with friends, and gardening. Now I am working on cleaning out the knitting basket. (A much harder task than it appears to be) I have finished a few things and made headway on some other, bigger projects. I even did some reading. All in all, despite the heat, it was nice and relaxing!

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