Monday, June 28, 2010

Fiber Fun!

Well it was a busy, but fun weekend. On Saturday, my friend and I ventured to the yarn shop in search of a basic sweater pattern and yarn. She found a great yarn and a pattern so she was a happy camper. And I just could not walk into a yarn shop and NOT leave without a bag of fibery goodness.....right?

Here is my loot!

I picked up 2 skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash because it was 50% off and good for mittens and hats. The darker teal cotton yarn is for a "knock off" scarf idea I have. The nice and soft robin's egg blue yarn (Rowan Kid Classic) in the front was, I will admit, an impulse buy. The color is even more amazing in person. I have no idea what I will make with it, but it was too pretty to leave behind. And the blue and brown sock yarn is my first skein of Madeline Tosh and it is LOVELY. I have plans to make that into the Lacy Baktus. Hmmm, think I had a color theme going or what! LOL.

On Sunday I actually crafted and watched movies ALL DAY LONG!! ONE of the shawls is finished!!! And that includes weaving in the ends and blocking. It is "almost" dry and will take a picture of it tomorrow. I even made a bracelet for a friend's birthday. I just need to attach the clasp. She has extremely small wrists so I need to muck around with the sizing a bit more. AND I cleaned out my craft room/office closet. It was BAD. My thought is now that I can see where everything is, it might make me want to make more. We will see if that idea works....don't hold your breath!

This morning it dawned on me that July 4th is this coming weekend. EEK! Not that I have plans mind you, but time is really moving along. The year is half over!!!! Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet??? LOL, yes, I really did say that.

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Kathy said...

yummy yummy looking yarn!!! :)