Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the grips of the "Grippe"

Well, so I had a brief blogging hiatus here. I had plans, oh how I had plans. I have recipes, photos, cookbook reviews, knitting to show y'all and then it happened. I will sum it up by saying I had La Grippe, because everything sounds better in French, no? :) The bug hit me, fast and furious and well frankly, I had no desire to blog about, talk about, look at it or cook food. Period. Knitting and crafting was out of the question. I just became a big nauseous lump.

And did make a few pieces of jewelry. It started out with a few pair of earrings for birthday gifts, and one pair for me to match a new sweater and then..... a bracelet. MINE, all mine....bwhahahahaha. (pictures to come as soon as the weather clears) And I will confess I have a new love....vintage lucite beads. I have been collecting them for some time now and now I need to put them to use.

No seriously, I am like the cobbler's children that do not have shoes. And that being said, I am dubbing March, the ME month. I am going to make myself some new accessories for spring!!!

This week I will get back to blogging. Thanks for hanging in with me!!!

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