Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring Fever

Ok, here it is, January 26th and this is the second day it has been hovering around 60 degrees. Sure, if you live in the South (Howdy y'all!!), a sixty degree winter January day is normal. But here, not so much. The snow has all melted from the piles near my drive, the green grass is exposed and then it happened......

Spring fever. I found myself thinking about my gardens as I was wandering around the yard with the dogs. Ah Spring. Should I plant seeds or buy plants? And what about ornamental grasses? Oh and let's not forget bulbs.

A little flower montage to make it seem like Spring!

But soon enough (like maybe this weekend), my green yard will once again be white and I will be contemplating wearing mittens but until then...I am enjoy the sunshine and thoughts of Spring (which is really right around the corner).

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