Monday, December 28, 2009

Resolution No. 1

So, it's time for all those "end of the year" wrap up posts and tv shows. And let the New Year resolutions begin. I even noticed that on Christmas day, Kellogg was already touting their Special K diet. LOL. But seriously, I really dislike New Year's resolutions.

But I will admit, I have a New Year's resolution for 2010. One I hope to stick
to and I am going to report it on my blog, let's say once a month on how the progress is going. :) Talk about motivation! Mine is to USE UP YARN FROM MY STASH. Seriously, no new yarn starting January 1. NONE. (and I am well aware I have a few days to buy some! After all I said Jan 1!) I don't care how pretty it is, or how good a buy it is or (my favorite) because that brand/fiber NEVER goes on sale. My yarn closet has now become a closet and a bureau and we are not even going to discuss the x large ziploc tote of kitchen cotton in the front hall closet!

I think that's a good one. Don't you??? And now that my holiday knitting is's time for NEW projects!! I have two knitting and a crochet one in the works! This will be a piece of cake! And I can hear all my knitting friends laughing at me!


Melanie said...

I've done *fairly* well with this lately but I'm sure that has more to do with the fact that selfishly buying yarn in December when I could be spending it on Xmas gifts is, well, selfish. lol
I usually buy yarn to make Xmas gifts though and this year I used all stash. Woooo! :)

(Happy holidays btw! :))

Kate said...

Hi Melanie,

That is so awesome that you used your stash for gifts so see, yarn buying is never selfish because eventually you will make a gift out one of those skeins!! :) I loved your gloves, BTW. I still have a few days left to buy yarn though and we will not even discuss that cotton is on SALE at Michaels now!!