Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Bake

I have really been missing cooking. Since the Summer, I have really slacked off in that department. It's OK, because it's just me and the dogs just eat kibble! But I was watching some British comedy DVDs and they were having a tea party and decided I should make a Victoria Sponge. My friend is coming over for a visit and thought this would be nice to serve with a pot of tea. Oh how civilized!

And yes, I really love British food. (Don't make that face) It's my "go to" comfort food. Always.

So what's a Victoria Sponge?? LOL. It's a light sponge cake with yummy jam sandwiched in between. Sometimes there is clotted cream too, but that's really fattening, but oh so good. It looks relatively easy from this recipe from the good ol' BBC. Four ingredients. You really cannot go wrong.
This is not my cake!! I took this from the Good Food section on the BBC website.
If mine turns out good, I will take a picture!

Update: the sponge cake came out really well, although it needs a few modifications! But I loved it and my friend loved it and I would absolutely make it again! I'll add a picture of mine too!

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