Friday, December 04, 2009

A creative use for leftovers.

When I am bored (ha ha!) or just killing time, I browse Etsy. I am continuously amazed by the creativity of some people. Like all things crafty, you have to weed through quite a bit of "bad crafts" who really give the term "homemade" a bad name, but sometimes you find little pearls of awesomeness. I consider this wreath one of them.

Now I don't know this person, but look at the creative use of yarn! Wow. I love this and think it is so pretty. I can seriously see it hanging on my sun porch all winter long!

I did swipe the picture from her etsy store. Click on the link to see her shop! I don't think she would mind seeing as I am being complimentary!

Remember to shop homemade this holiday season!!!

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