Sunday, October 04, 2009

What's new??

Hi Everyone!

Well, don't get so excited....I'm not back to blogging just yet! I am feeling slightly better BUT I am still playing catch up here AND I am having a house guest arrive in just over a I have been cleaning and organizing (mostly the yarn stash as I have been told it is going to be raided!!). Now if I could just find someone to come and weed and edge the garden beds. Anyone have a teenager (my neighborhood is mostly devoid of children) who needs to make a buck??? Not to mention those holidays that are finally over!! For another year, at least!

So that being said, I will be back shortly with knitting pictures, pug pictures, jewelry pictures and hopefully some fun stories!!!

I also want to change the format of this blog as well, maybe adding some vegetarian/vegan recipes? Anyone up for that?

Until soon........

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