Saturday, October 31, 2009

Show Some Restraint, Please.

Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Start. New. Projects.

Ok, I need to show some restraint. My knitting basket has multiplied and BOTH are overflowing with projects. I need to finish some, or all. But let's not get to ahead of myself and settle for some. Sure, finishing that baby gift would be sweet, before the child hits high school and will look mighty silly carrying a bunny blanket buddy! And the birthday gift........before it turns into NEXT year's gift!!! LOL. I have (ahem, I must take a bow) started on some holiday gifts (I KNOW...imagine that!) too, and my goal to give them THIS year!! :)

Now what I really want to do is start a dog sweater!!! Gillie (the black pug) has a single coat and gets very cold. Especially at night. I know this because she wakes me up to attempt to crawl under my covers with me. Three words here. Polar. Fleece. Sheets. ........ more on that later. But seriously, it is a bit odd to wake up with a pug in your face snorting at you!

And after I start the sweater, what I really want to do is CROSS STITCH!!! Yes, I said that. It is my nemisis. I like doing it....... for a short time.......before I want to poke my eyes out with tiny needles....... or I go blind from the small stitches. I have a corner in my dining room that is begging for a quad of seasonal samplers. I have the pattern, and about 800 pounds of floss. I think I will save this for a snowy weekend. Yah, that's it, I will wait for snow!

Until then, a picture of my furry children!

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