Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Gave In.....

Ok, I gave in, I turned on the heat yesterday!!! I really like to hold out on this (until at least the 31st) but damn, it's chilly!!! And there has been a mention of that dreaded word....S.N.O.W. Yes I really did say that, although I think the forecasters like to get everyone all panic stricken!!!

My guest arrives tomorrow and it really isn't nice to make them freeze now, is it?? Especially when they will become a taste tester for some new recipes/cookbooks (reviews will come soon!). So they will be eating maybe(?) questionable food and freezing their butts off??? Makes you really want to come be a guest in my house, huh?? :)

(PS. This is not my fireplace -
although I would not mind if it was.)

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