Saturday, August 08, 2009


Apparently, there has been some "issues" with this blog in my absence. If you have troubles logging in and seeing the site, PLEASE do not take it personal. OK??? I didn't know it was happening and I "think" I have fixed it now. I will be back in September with all the knitting projects I have been doing, and other stuff too.

The garden this year has been a complete bust due to the weather and I have ONE lone green tomato sitting on it. I should get a picture of it soon, before it gets ruined by the rain!! There has not even been any raspberries....nothing.

(Update: 10/09...... the one lone tomato became THREE! So I had three yummy pieces of fruit that grew despite the fact the plant was sadly neglected! I can't wait for next year!)

See you in September..........................

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