Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well, I was all set to have a putter in the garden today, but it is COLD!!! And WINDY!!! And the thoughts of sitting on the bricks picking dead leaves and stuff off my lamb's ears and plants really didn't rock my world. So, I decided to have a putter in the kitchen instead.

I made chocolate covered PEEPS!!!! Yes, I did. I figure hey, if Jacques Torres can do them, why can't I?? I didn't dip them completely because I could not find my dipping fork nor the lolli sticks. So they are just sitting in chocolate.

Here they are in all their glory!!!

Next year I plan on making these. Amazing.


Jena said...

You know I'm not a huge fan of Peeps, but yours look really, really good! And they are all wrapped so prettily, are you handing them out?

And ohmiword - I think I'll have to try making the caramel-dipped, chocolate-covered version for the party on Sunday. Wowzers! Thanks for sharing that link, Kate!

Kate said...

Thanks Jena! They are actually for my friends who celebrate the holiday which is why they are wrapped up!

And next year, I am definitely doing the caramel ones. Let me know how yours turn out!