Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sure Signs of Spring!!!

1. Daffodils!!!!

2. The Dairy Queen is open!!! (Yes, most ice cream shops - with the exception of ones in a mall close in the Winter!) I drove by the other day and there was actually a LINE!!!!! I have to stop someday and get a Blizzard!!!! YUM!!!

3. Driving by the beach the other day, the Bait and Tackle shop was open!!!!! Sorry I didn't stop to take a picture!! LOL.

I am definitely happy to have some warmer weather, even if it means pollen and more yard work!


Jena said...

I love your list, Kate!

In our neighborhood, the "Spring is definitely here" signs are:

1. The dogwoods and red bud trees are in bloom. Inspiring!

2. Everyone's cars have turned yellow due to the 3 metric tons of pollen in the air every day. Annoying!

3, My neighbor, Chris, takes his shirt off and it seems as though it won't go back on til sometime in November. Disturbing!

Kate said...

Oh yes, the POLLEN!! It will be coming our way soon...UGH!!!

And Jena, #3 is quite disturbing!! LOL.