Monday, April 06, 2009

More Knitting.......

And the knitting parade continues....See I told you while I was not blogging, I was knitting!! LOL.

First, I made myself a pair of mittens. Is there anything worse with than a
knitter without a pair of handknit mittens??

Pattern: Classic Mittens (from a book published in 1953!)
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Pistachio and Mallow
Needles: Size 4 DPN
Comments: They need some sort of embellishment. Any ideas??

I made a pair of mitts for my mother for Valentine's Day. I liked the colors so much, I made another pair for ME!!! And yes, I used acrylic. I just couldn't leave the yarn in the store. It photographs horrible like all reds....... but trust me..... the color is very cool!

Pattern: My favorite again...Raspberry Mitts (2 Pair)
Yarn: Red Heart Acrylic in Candy Print
Needles: Size 7 DPNS
Comments: YES, I used acrylic. And I liked it!!!!

My mother requested a beret. When I saw this pattern online, I knew it would be perfect!
And it was. I wished I had a head that could wear a hat and look cool!!!

Pattern: Lisa Beret by Kristen Kaipur
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Worsted in Sage
Needles: Size 7 circular and DPN
Comments: This was a fun knit!

And finally proof I stil use my jewelry tools!! These were a gift for a fellow knitter!

OK, now I think all the "finished" knitting is blogged..... what else am I going to talk about??? Books and movies???? Gardening???


Jena said...

I knew you'd been busy, but WOW!!!
I love everything, but especially the purple and green gloves - yummy!

Kate said...

Thanks Girl!!! You know, little project s are quick and easy and oh so satisfying...... And I finished up even more this weekend!! LOL. In between raking and yard work!