Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome Back.

Happy New Year!! Yah, I'm a little late, considering today is Martin Luther King Day, but I have a good excuse. No really, I do. Actually lots of good excuses. Like.....

The weather. Contrary to popular belief I am not frozen solid, yet. My yard looks like this:
No really, I swear I saw a polar bear on an ice floe in the river. And I have been shoveling. LOTS of shoveling.

Sick. I have been sick with that chest cough/cold that once it hits, it takes hold. I have downed the better portion of a pint of prescription cough syrup. And for those of you who have talked to me on the phone while I am all "syruped up" (JENA!!), you know I am in no condition to blog!!! LOL. But seriously, I think it is gone, at least I hope it is gone.

So in between, I have been reading, and knitting. I will have pictures of knitting soon because I have a basket full of half done projects which I intend on finishing up this week!! Also, I joined a new book group, this time on Ravelry.

"52 books in 52 weeks" has been just the thing to get my reading mojo back in gear. So far, I read:

1. Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones - Seriously good. On my list of "favorites" and believe me, it has to be good to be on that list!!!

2. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer - Loved it. Ok, halfway through I didn't but by the end, it was back to being terrific. A good quick read despite the 500+ pages.

3. Sepulchre by Kate Moss - I loved her last book Labyrinth. Get them, read them. This one was about Tarot cards. She can really do the whole "going back and forth between time periods and it makes perfect sense" story!! Another quick read.

And one more fromt he library queue that I will save for another post, once I start and finish it!!

Resolutions for the year??? Yah, as alwways. This year I will:

1. Make more knitted items for ME. Sure, every knitter says that and then poof, it's gone and gifted away. Most things made this year will fill my closets with knitted goodness.

2. Try a new recipe or two every week. Let's expand the rota a bit...... even I'm getting bored!

3. Take more photos.

4. Read more. Thanks to this new group, I think this is one resolution that might stick!!

I won't even say blog more, because well, I do try, believe me. But we all know it is not happening. Ok, after I finish my coffee, back out into the tundra to shovel and we got more snow last night!!! Oh goodie!!

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