Monday, December 08, 2008

Boxes In The Mail Rock!

I love getting prezzies in the mail!! Look at what my friend Donna sent me!! That's TWO (count them, two) skeins of Hook em Horns sock yarn!!! Thank you Missy!! I love them! Now what should I make?? Socks, mitts, both??? Maybe a cowl??? Maybe I can make something in time for the Fiesta Bowl.

And speaking of cowls, isn't this gorgeous??? The pattern is available here. It's just so delicate looking! (Thanks Hanane for letting me know about the broken link! It's all fixed!)

And I found the PERFECT yarn for it!!! Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock (phew, that was a mouthful!) in Ghillie Du. I love each and every colorway int he "Spirit Collection". It is very cool how it is a play on the variations of the color white. And her descriptions/names are great too! It was hard choosing just ONE!!! Yes, I only bought ONE!!!

This is what it says about the color I chose: "Ghillie Dhu. Scottish guardian tree spirits. They are appropriately disguised as foliage and moss. Their name means “dark shoe.” They have a preference for birch trees and are solitary, so they mostly roam the forests at night. They are wild and shy and kind to children. Spirited from the color green."

I really have a TON of knitting to post and write about. I have made so many fingerless mitts over the past few months, starting with mitts I made my friend Jelveh and then it seems to have started an avalanche of mitts!!! I'll upload all the pictures out of my camera soon!!!

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jelveh Designs said...

lucky girl...getting goodies in the mail...I love the cowel, the color and the pattern, very nice...almsot makes me want to pull out my yarn...I might have to, its been so cold here in the studio, the heater and the open door and fan seem at odds...and sitting in a warm room, knitting sounds nice...