Saturday, November 29, 2008


All efforts to resist are futile. So I finally gave in and read Twilight.

I read it in two sittings, not unusual for me, but for a thick book, it's still quick. What a good solid well written story!! I do like book about vampires ( like the Sookie Stackhouse series), so I guess it was easy for me to like. And it was different enough from all the Harry Potter knockoffs to be interesting and entertaining. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking I should read just a few more chapters.....but then again, knowing me, I would have been up all night finishing it. I waited and finished it in the morning with my coffee!!!

And if you ever surf the homemade site ETSY, there are a million crafty projects related to it. Wow, talk about an overnight sensation!!

I just put the sequel on hold at the library....I'm HOOKED!!!!

Has anyone else read it??? If so, what did you think??? Movie, yes or no???


Salaam & Shanti Bariatric Yoga said...

Well....If you ask Sahara she says NO to the movie, Suky and her friends say YES to the movie. (I think just because of the make out scenes to be perfectly honest)

Have I read them? NO but I live with two girls who have and "tolerated" (HEHE) all the conversation about them as each new book came out.

So while I don't know all the little details I do know all the big stuff and I would say that they are worth an easy read. Since we own all of the I will someday when I am bored sit down and read them all.

Kate said...

Hey Hanane,

I put the movie on my Netflix waiting list! And they are definitely worth the easy read! Good for a snowy day!!!