Friday, November 28, 2008

Stuffed with Stuffing

As I write this, sipping my coffee and surfing the net, I am contemplating going for some type of run/walk...... which might be more like a slog (slow jog) at this stage in the game, seeing how I have not run forever. Maybe a combination of the coffee and jog with help me get the lead out and get some stuff done around here.

Is everyone stuffed full of food and football??? How many of you are out and about today gleaning the Black Friday bargains? Raise your hands. Funny, I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and she said she wouldn't go to the shops if they were giving away free wardrobes and $100 bills. I am in total agreement. Nasty and competitive bargain hunters that early in the AM make me want to run and hide!! OK, the offer of the $100 might lure me out though, I must say!

Yesterday, I made my favorite stuffing which ended up to be WAY TOO MUCH!!! I must remember to half the recipe, but I thought you might want to try it! It's Apple and Onion Stuffin' Muffins from Rachel Ray. OK, so she is not my favorite TV chef, but this recipe makes me a fan! Go ahead try it, I dare ya!

And just as some recipe notes (because you know how I like to "tweek" things!), you can substitute the muffin tins for a greased baking dish. Although I like the "individual" portions myself and they make it very easy to pop them in the freezer for later.) You can also use veggie broth to make it "vegetarian", which I do and the taste is just as good, or dare I say better!!

Well, the coffee is kicking in and I think I will sign off and get some work done! Leave me a comment if you find some bargains, or make the stuffing! I will have to discuss the bread pudding at a later date!

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