Monday, November 24, 2008

Countdown to Turkey Day

Can you believe this week is Thanksgiving! Where did the time go??

So I really need to do some serious food shopping here, and not merely for the fact that "Turkey Day" I will be cooking. (Turkeys are always pardoned at my house and can breathe a sigh of relief!) I am down to the bare bones here. Because of the back injury, I am really limiting my time in the car and what I carry, so groceries were kind of out. Sure, I stopped at the store for a few items (potato chips are very light!), but I really need to restock. Thank goodness for the "arctic tundra" of a freezer and all those summer veggies I prepared. Today I am rifling through the pantry and make a list (and checking it twice!) for some shopping.

What is everyone making for dessert this year? I am breaking with the "traditional" apple pie and doing a bread pudding!!! YUM!!

I also have ripped apart my studio closet (read de-stashing sale soon!!) and yarn "area" - which is more like a room that I share with my under-used piece of exercise equipment! I am planning on staying in on Friday and accomplishing more than if I went to the shops!!

OK, so much to do, so little time....I'm off to write lists, after some more coffee!


Jena said...

So hey, Kate? When you're done there, you wanna come down and help me de-stash too? I've got beads covering nearly every available inch of my kitchen counter (and have since Thursday!) and I still don't want to organize them into sets! *sigh*

I guess for supper we're having bead soup with jalepeno cornbead. Then for dessert we'll be having a big bowl of beads a la mode!

Kate said...

Sign me up for the beads a la mode!!!! Sounds delicious!!!