Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mom told me there would be days (weeks) like this!

Well, hello there. Has it really been that long since I have updated??? Sorry about that. Ever been so busy that you just don't know what to do?? Well, that's me. These days I seem to be fueled by high doses of caffeine and just jump from one thing right to another.

Yes, there has been knitting. Lots of knitting. I keep piling it up and saying to myself that I will do a photo shoot of it....someday.....soon. I feel a Knitting Marathon coming on! My friend in Canada just had her babies. Yes, babies, plural.....TWINS!!!! Congrats Cathy and Darren. So that's two baby gifts. I already know what I am going to make but I wanted to see if they were girls or boys (or one of each) before the actual knitting started! (Oh it's two

My Forest Canopy shawl is "almost" done. This will be the FOURTH lace shawl in a few months time. What can I say, I think I have fallen in love again with lace knitting. I just have the edging to go!

And I am not even going to mention the upcoming "winter holidays" to which, I have so many gifts to start..... ok, breathe deeply, OM, relax........

And in between that, it's been getting the yard ready for winter, battling slugs in the garden, (which are monumentally disgusting and VILE!!), freezing the last of the garden veggies and just being!

Oh yah, a friend is visiting Boston and I am going to go visit her while she is here!!! That's tomorrow and I am very excited to spend some time with her. Yes, I will bring my camera and hopefully get some great pictures. :)

Until then....... for now, it's back to work for me!

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