Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friends + Food = Fun!!!

So I took a quick trip into Boston the other day to see my friend Jelveh who was visiting from the UK!!! I decided to bypass the Monday morning rush hour traffic and take the commuter boat! What a relaxing way to travel! It sure beats sitting in traffic inhaling fumes and cursing at the other commuters!! :)

Hingham Harbor

I even had time to start a new knitting project!

We went to lunch in the North End aka Boston's Little Italy! We had a yummy lunch filled with wine and good conversation! Oh yah, LOTS of pasta and bread!! It went by all too quickly!

Here's to the ladies who lunch!

We then moved on to Mike's Pastry. A "Boston Institution" and a definite must stop and eat if you are in town! I had the rum cake!!! SOOOOOO GOOD!!! So many cookies, so little time!

Happiness is being surrounded by pastry!

I even left town with some of Jelveh's beautiful beads!!! She makes amazing focals, (and bead sets too!) and I should know. I have quite a collection of her "landscape beads". ;) These are MINE but you can buy your own here!!! Thank you girl!! I plan on making myself some very special necklaces! She also made me a unique purse charm (with yet another of her beads) but I still haven't gotten a picture yet!!

We finished the day by having tea at her hotel! No came out blurry! It was such fun and I arrived home fat and exhausted!! :) I can't wait until you are in Boston again Jelveh!!! Hurry back!

** You can read and see more pictures of Boston on Jelveh's blog!!!


tangens said...

"Happiness is being surrounded by pastry!" - Totally agree! But I came to think of a certain movie when I saw the picture - "Serendipity" (have you seen it?) Two girl-friends are at a café (one of them has birthday). Finally the waiter brings her this delicious cake (I got so envy just imagining how it would taste in reality!) Well, theh girls are discussing something, and then they suddenly come to a conclusion that "no, then there is no point of being here - maybe we should go?" And THE OTHER AGREES!!! They pay for the coffee and the (untouched, unsmelled, hardly looked at!!!) cake and just go! I was left traumatized.

tangens (by the way, I'm also on Ravelry, it's "tangens")

jelveh Designs said...

hey Katie, it took me over a month, but I am almost back to the land of the living...all I have done since I left Boston is sleep most days and make beads for about 3 hours a week and that is all...I sit and hope the english health care system decides to have mercy on me and fix me...I a feeling better now but not all the way were going to send me these photos...we look great...I had so much fun with you on the trip, it has been the highlight of my life for the past 2 months...I love my gloves I wear them all the are the best...
thanks again for a wonderful trip...if I knew this post was here I would have linked it to my blog...
love, hugs and kisses