Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's Mission:

Ok, Today's mission, should I chose to accept it, it to clean the gucky debris that as accumulated on the eves right by my front door. I have "Gutter Helmets" on the gutters so it's not the actual gutters themselves but just my wonderful trees making a mess on my roof.

Currently it looks like this:
And nothing says "Welcome" like having a big wet
blob of leaves and pine needles fall on your head!! :)

And then I need to tackle the "issue" of the moth problem in my sun room. I have no idea how these little devils are getting in, but they are. And what strikes fear in the heart of a knitter more than a moth? So, I have made up a little "earth friendly" (read recycled bottle and no chemical) spray. If it works (fingers crossed) I will post what I did, just in case you should need it too! And while I'm doing that, I might as well do a little vacuuming and dusting too! Phew!!

Well, after that, I will be knitting. Ok, after a nice hot cup of tea. Or two. And a cookie. Or two. I am almost finished with September birthday gift #1. Almost..... I am at the end of the pattern and moving slower than molasses in February (and that's slow my friends). Pictures soon. Yah right.

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