Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Post About Knitting

Warning: Knitting Content Ahead...... so if knitting bores you (perish the thought) skip today's post!!

Recently, I decided to finish up the projects in my knitting basket and a couple of gifts. One was very late. It was late because I decided to make a knitted journal cover (really I should have known that a knitted book cover would spell disaster!!) I found the perfect skein of yarn and went at it. I finished it and not only was it bulky, it didn't really cover any of the journals I had, much less the new one I bought for my friend. There is no picture, it was too ugly for words. So instead, I made her these:

Pattern: Very old pattern given to me by my Mother
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Lipstick Lava
(this could be the best yarn on the planet!)
The dog hairs did not go with the gift. I just noticed them in the picture!

Next is a baby gift I made for a friend.
Bib Pattern: The one and only MDK bib!
Yarn: Sugar and Cream cotton
I crocheted a little lace on the bottom to give it some frill!
Bonnet Pattern: Juniper Bonnet by Larissa Brown
Yarn: Bernat Baby cotton
That bonnet is going to be my "go to" baby gift.
It was quick and fun!

And finally found at the bottom of the basket,
The Bainbridge I was making for ME!!
Pattern: Bainbridge Scarf by Minty Fresh
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang in Raspberry Mocha
(G-d I LOVE this yarn, it is soft and squooshy and just
wonderful to work with!!)
I think I have enough left over for another!

So I have ONE more unfinished project, a English Cottage Tea Cozy and I may finish it up soon.....or maybe not. This one requires embroidery and that has never been one of my better skills..... we will see.

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