Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Night!

So yesterday my friend and I went to see Mamma Mia. It was a hot day and I thought oh why not. Any excuse to eat greasy popcorn and gummi bears in the dark is fine by me! Oh, by the way, I have discovered Target now carries a THREE POUND bag of the Haribo gummi bears. If I could have, I would have done a cartwheel down the aisle. But then, I would be in traction now, so I refrained.

But I digress, the movie. First of all, yes I HAVE seen the show. In London. And it was just ok. (Mark loved it) It was ok. I mean, who does not like ABBA??? Come on, you know you do. Go ahead, sing "Dancing Queen", I'll wait.

Well, the movie was just like how I felt about the play. The scenery was beautiful. The fabrics were stunning. Meryl Streep had on a gorgeous red shawl at the end that I loved and if they sold them in the lobby, I would have bought one! It was fun entertainment. Would I rave about it? No. would I rent it?? Maybe. But like I said despite some very obvious flaws, it was fun.

The best part?? Colin Firth. I think this man is a hunk. His full name should be "Hunky Colin Firth". I would watch him for two hours emptying trash. So for me, it was a nice way to spend two hours on a hot day!

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Jena said...

I have lots of nice things to say on your blog - PROMISE! (That's because I keep all the off-color and/uncalled-for comments for our phone conversations! *evil grin*)

Am I right?!