Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coyote Blue - A Review

Well, my first book for the "What An Animal" challenge was Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore. This is the ONLY book of his I have not read. Suffice it to say I throughly enjoy his work and he is one of my favorite authors. Despite my love, this work fell short of his usual mark.

I have always been the type of person who cannot read in bed. It does not make me sleepy in the slightest and I would greet the dawn just as I was finishing a book. But this one, was an exception to the rule. I took many naps in between chapters. It took me a LONG time to plod though. I even contemplated (gasp!) not finishing. But I did, and I can say I read it and pass it on to someone at the Paperback Swap site!

Ok, you probably want to know about the story. In typical Moore fashion, the average guy finds himself in bizarre situations. The protagonist, Sam Hunter or Samuel Hunts Alone, is a Native American of the Crow tribe who flees the reservation due to an unfortunate accident. He is guided by his totem, the Coyote. The ultimate trickster, the spirit guide morphs in and out of his life, sometimes as a animal, sometimes as a human, and grants his wish, even if it is not what Sam always wants or what he had in mind. The story drags on, especially in the middle. It is punctuated by "updated" Native American stories about the coyote told in today's language. I will have to say, the last 5 chapters or so were the best part of the book and held the most action and interest.

For me, it lacked the humor I have been so accustomed to in reading this author. Would I recommend it?? Well, only if you have read his other works first. I definitely found this a tough one to get through.

Title: Coyote Blue
Author: Christopher Moore
Read for : What an Animal Challenge
Favorite Quote: None
Grade: C

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Jena said...

You're a better woman than I. I thought the book was a real stinker - I mean Baaaaaaaad. So bad, in fact, that I elected to return it to the library before finishing the first chapter!!

"Fluke" was so much better, as was "The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove". Heck - ALL Christopher Moore's books were head and shoulders above this bomb!!

- jena