Thursday, July 24, 2008

And She's Back!!!

So, last night we had a bad thunder/lightening storm. BAD. I decided to turn off the computer for the night, and when I went to power down, it just wouldn't shut off. I crashed it and went to bed. In the morning, the darn thing wouldn't turn on! Oh NO!! And thanks to some savvy online detective work by Jena, it was decided that it was just the power supply! Hey, replacing a part is a helluva lot better than replacing the computer, no??

But I will admit, despite the lack of internet, I was quite productive today! I made jewelry for the Fall Collection!! I can't wait for it's debut! I love everything so far!!!

And I got some zucchini ready for the freezer for the winter months! My Mom gave me a FoodSaver system a few years ago. I never used it much but this year I plan on having a freezer full of fresh summer veggies for those long cold snowy months!!! YUM!!! (And I know, how can I be thinking about snow NOW??)

I made some of my "famous" chocolate cupcakes (NEVER from a boxed mix, from scratch, thankyouverymuch!!) with cream cheese frosting for the gang in my friend's office. They're all frosted and pretty and ready to go for tomorrow! And as much as I really wanted a sample I refrained. I wish cupcake pans made 13 instead of twelve!

And a quick knitting update, I'm at an impasse with the shawl. This rayon yarn and I need to come to an understanding, and quick!!! :) But I do have some quick and easy things to work on, just to refresh the knitting mojo!

Thanks Jena for updating for me and helping me this morning! Hugs!! Well, it's been a productive and busy day. I'm tired!! Another storm is expected tonight so I better sign off and power down...just in case!

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