Friday, June 13, 2008


Happy Friday!! I am so happy it is Friday, what a week!!! First of all, the heat in the Northeast was BRUTAL, with a capital B. Ok, so if you live in Arizona or some other desert, it would have felt like a burst of cool air, but when you are not ready for it at all (still had to clean the ac filters and I was not about to walk up into a hot attic, no way!!), it was pretty miserable. Once the heat broke, I had so much yard work to do it wasn't funny. I seriously spent one whole day mowing and weeding (Oh the weeds!!), dead-heading and getting things back in shape! And then there was the pollen!!! And then my mower died, which caused a panic!!!

I have been in the studio working on that large order (almost done!!), but I will have some goodies to post next week. If you are into "ocean themed" jewelry, check back soon!!!

I did some reading and some knitting as well, so next week I can talk about those. I'm off to the vet this morning with "The Muz" after I have my coffee. She's fine, just a wellness visit. After that....another busy day!!

Oh one more thing, if I owe you an email, and yes, I am a little behind (yah, I wish), the ETA of a reply is tomorrow. I do read your mail, honest, I just have not had time to sit and write. :( But I will, promise!!!

Hey look, a post without a garden or pug picture....seems kind of empty, no??? Have a great weekend!!

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