Monday, June 16, 2008

A Rainy Day!!

Is it any wonder why I cannot stop sneezing??? That gross watery substance you see all over the bricks in my patio is POLLEN!!!! As they rain came down yesterday, my front yard was awash with it. Doesn't it look like I spilled a gallon of milk out there??? It is a good thing it is cloudy with potential rain today, otherwise the pollen would be worse. The Weather Channel says the pollen count is very high kidding!!!!! Heh.

So after I finish my morning pot o' coffee, I'm going to catch up on some indoor activities like vacuuming and dusting. Oh the fun!!! Looks like my sunset plans for hanging out with my neighbors down by the river on the dock might be rained out!!! Bummer! But let's look on the bright side, my grass is nice and green!!!

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