Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Welcome Back

Ok, so I'm still making some much needed changes but I'm back to posting on a more frequent basis....hopefully. (Fingers crossed.) Anyway, it's been quite a busy, strange, sad, happy, all in all, weird six months. But I'm here plugging away. Sadly, I have not created many new jewelry pieces. BUT, I have been knitting, amongst other creative pursuits. I am slowly combining my old knitting blog with this one. (I had a separate knitting one because Mark hated reading about knitting!!) So if you're looking for knitting content, you got it!!!

Let's see, everyone sit down..... I have actually been GARDENING!!!! Every year in the old house, I would make all these grandiose plans, only to decide that I didn't like the house or the neighbors. But this new place is different. Nice neighbors who are friendly and decent human beings, and a much nicer yard. It's been fun seeing what is growing since this is my first spring here!!

We have loads of Jonquils:

And Cherry Blossoms:

And a few "mystery plants" which I will get pictures of. Someone MUST know what they are!!!

I also found a nest or two of baby robins, but that can be a subject for another post.....maybe tomorrow???? ;)

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