Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scrub - A - Dub

What have I been knitting as of late?? Little projects seem to be the key to my knitting success lately. So, when all else fails......make dishcloths. Ok, they may be "old fashioned", but seriously, they are very useful and good for the planet!!! Perfect for mopping up spills, drying dishes on, or just general cleaning. Also easy enough to do while watching reality tv at night!! (One eye on the telly, one on the knitting!)

I made these for my friend Alice's birthday:

Pattern: Mason Dixon Ball Band Dishcloth
Yarn: Sugar and Cream Cotton
The gift was a BIG hit!!!

And these:
Pattern: Nubbins
Yarn: Sugar and Cream Cotton
My mother swiped a few of these on her last trip over here!

And this:
Pattern: Mermaid's Tail
(There's lots of great patterns on this site!!)
Yarn: Sugar and Cream Cotton

There will be more knitting later, including a NEW freebie pattern (no, really)! But first I need to optimize some pictures of the Robin nest, and some assorted other stuff!!

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Salaam & Shanti Bariatric Yoga said...

Lovely gift! I love the colors you chose are perfect. Now I am thinking I need to get some cotton and a basket and make some for my kitchen.

Every time I knit up some they end up elsewhere.

Much Love my Friend