Monday, May 26, 2008

Garden Party

Happy Memorial Day to you! Summer is finally here, well, unless you live in a warm climate and then it is Summer 365 for you! On Saturday my friend and I ventured into Boston to walk Newbury St. and do a little shopping. Well, I planned on buying lunch and not much else and what happened???
I found this:

On the ride in, I was saying how my back garden needed a little color. Until I discover what perennials are out there, maybe a few annuals and some garden tchotchkes (that's Yiddish for junk/dust collectors), like a birdbath might liven things up! So..... we are perusing Marshalls and we see it, the perfect birdbath. She checks the price, as I was not brave enough to, figuring it would be more than I want/need to spend at this point. It was on clearance.....for TWENTY BUCKS!!! Magically, it flew into my hands and flew to the register.

Now, we are in the middle of downtown Boston and I need to lug this thing blocks and blocks to the parking garage. I really wanted to take its picture in front of the Boston Public Library and other various assorted landmarks but I really didn't feel like stopping. I just wanted in the trunk of the car!!! I did get quite a few funny looks from the tourist crowd though. :) But it was so worth it! I love how it looks. I figure a few strategically placed pots of annuals, and my back garden will be done! Well, for this year anyway!

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