Monday, May 12, 2008

Eye Candy for Knitters

Ok, despite me hating the phrase "Eye Candy", I felt it was appropriate to use it here. No honestly, is there anything more annoying? Ok, ok, yes there is, but still......

Anyway, I was feeling a little "blue" the other day and nothing cheers me up like yarn. Ok, well a nice brandy, some fine chocolates and jewelry, but yarn is cheaper folks!!!

Well, I've been coveting this yarn online for awhile now, so I bought. Not one, but TWO skeins.

First I bought this:Chocolate Cherry Truffle (YUM!!)

Then I custom ordered this:
"Transitional" Mermaid
I put transitional in quotes because the colorway is actually called mermaid, but it is dyed to go from dark to light and back to dark again. Very cool. My plan is to make a nice lace scarf.

Now what pattern(s)??? Ok off to mow my lawn now...........before it rains!!!

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