Friday, May 23, 2008

Empty Nester

Well, the robin babies finally flew the coop!!! It was amazing to see how fast they grew! The three of them could barely fit in that tiny nest. I think the mother was thinking of adding on an in-law nest! Ha ha! I managed to get the last one as he (she??) flew away! I will say it is weird to look out my window and see an empty nest! Hopefully they will be back to have more!!

Hmm.....Should I stay or should I go???
I made it!!!
And I have a bunny!!! It hangs out in the side garden near my studio window!!
I think it is "dumb bunny" though because I swear I saw it eating up the poison ivy
that seems to be flourishing nearby. That's gotta give you a stomach ache.
Maybe I will see little ones soon???
I also really think I should mow my lawn......or get more rabbits!!!

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