Monday, January 07, 2008

Spring Fever

Has anyone seen Charlie Wilson's War yet???? My friend Norma and I went on Saturday and while it was good, I thought it was missing something. It could have been just me though, because the woman sitting next to Norma had about half a bottle of very nasty perfume on!!! I was so tempted to ask her what is was so I would remember never to buy it. We would have moved except every seat was taken!! It was so crowded much to our surprise because it has been out for some time now! But the acting was good, but I just don't know.... I will add it to my Netflix queue and watch it again when it comes to DVD.

It's like Spring here. Today was a whopping 50 degrees. Ok, if you live in the South, 50 might be downright cold but up here, it's t-shirt weather!!! I visited a friend today in her office and she bought me some tulips as a gift! So I guess everyone has spring fever!!! They are so pretty and pink. I'll take their picture tomorrow, it's dark out now!!! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 60 so I will be raking outside!! Yes, I still have a small smattering of leaves that need to go, and they might as well get cleaned up now. I'll put some good tunes in the ipod and go to town!!!

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