Thursday, January 03, 2008

Read Any Good Books Lately???

I have to say, I have been extremely unmotivated about reading novels lately. I start them, and just for some reason never finish. This is not like me at all, but I have discovered something I enjoy leafing through, COOKBOOKS and books about cooking!!

Recently, I picked up two books by two of my favorite chefs at the library!! First, Anthony Bourdain's book "No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach". Ok, this man will eat ANYTHING!!!! Some of it is mighty nasty, and some while nasty, I'm sure is tasty, if you eat meat that is. The only thing I disagree with him on, his is statement that Iceland is "boring". I happened to LOVE my trip there and found it very interesting and a wonderful country to visit. Naturally skip the putrefied shark and national drink, correctly named "Black Death" unless of course, you want hair on your chest!!! Ha!!! But I would go back to the Blue Lagoon in a heartbeat!

Next I read, Gordon Ramsay's cookbook, "In the Heat of the Kitchen". Both come highly recommended! Ok, I will admit I never liked Hell's Kitchen at first, but I LOVE his show on BBC America called "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares". You learn so much about the restaurant business. I found some pretty tasty recipes to try in there..... including scones, and I LOVE scones!!!!

Next up on my "To Be Read" pile is "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell. She cooked every single one of Julia Child's recipes!! Wow!!!! And yes Jelveh, there will be more cupcakes soon!!!

Ok, off to the kitchen I go........


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness... I love cookbooks, too! Especially ones that are mainly recipes for sweets; and have a lot of pictures! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I've been watching Ellie Krieger on Food Network, and I like the way she cooks, cuts veggies and her voice is soothing...I've also been catching up on Barefoot Contessa, i didn't know she was still filming shows in 2007, but apparently so...I saw an ad for Anthony Bourdain's show recently - he was eating 'still beating cobra hearts' stomach turned...UGH!

-donner (my blogger sign in isn't working anymore, so I'm doing Anonymous