Friday, January 18, 2008

New Music to Love!!!

Ok, everyone knows I like music. All kinds of music and yes, even rap. I don't care much for the whole "country" genre but even I will admit, nothing beats Patsy Cline belting out "Crazy". Maybe in my next life I will be a country singer, who knows. I troll around itunes constantly looking for new fresh things to listen to. Usually the UK version because frankly I cannot hear another Britney or Hannah Montana/High School Musical song. I am over 40 after all!! So, while trolling, I spy this new singer with awesome reviews.

His name is Yoav. Supposedly he is opening for Tori Amos on her world tour and everyone who has seen him is RAVING!!! One review said that after he played ONE song, they ran out tot he lobby to buy his cd and there was a LINE about 15 deep. Says quite a bit, don't you think???

Well his album in only out in the UK/Europe, and for some reason itunes will only let me make purchases from the US site....this is so not fair. My credit card should convert the pounds to dollars so what's the big deal, I ask you!! But he does have some singles and EP's (extended plays) out so I got those to tide me over. The album "Charmed and Strange" comes out in early 2008.

So go to his site, or his MySpace page and check it out!!!

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Salaam & Shanti Bariatric Yoga said...

Katie, He is awesome I am listening to him now, I will have to recommend him to Suky. She will love him. I love my middle child she is so much like me.