Monday, December 03, 2007

The Deliquent Blogger.

Wow, could my last post have been that long ago??? Sorry about that. I am really trying to blog, I'm just out of things to say. I know, it's a rarity for me, but I true fact these days. So, how was your Thanksgiving???

I promise that this week I will get out my camera and liven up the blog with a picture or two and promise to post with a little more frequency. Things are ok here. No really. Mark's office has been cleaned out, which was a job of colossal proportions. It seems I married a paper pack rat! So, the boxes are in my garage waiting for a snowy day to go through them and weed out the things that need saving. Other than that, it's one day at a time people.

And I have been knitting like mad because it is "that time of year" again. Despite my protests, the holidays are still on schedule and even though it would be nice to have a few more weeks, there here. So if YOU are on my gift list, expect it late. And don't even think about a holiday card, it ain't happening. And while I am on the subject of tardiness, if I owe you an email, I'm working on that too. Ditto on the phone calls. I am hopelessly behind.

Until next time.......

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