Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Life is.....

Well, not good, but I'm doing OK. At the urging of my dear friend Eddie, who says I should at least update my blog because #1 Mark loved reading it, and #2 so everyone will know I am still here, this post is for YOU!!! :)

I just want to say thank you to a couple of dear online friends. One whom I got the chance to spend time with over the past few years, and one who I hope to meet someday. I will just use your first initial, just in case you don't want to be famous on my blog! (ha ha!)

M: Your generosity amazes me! The package came at a time when I was having a very bad day and cheered me up immensely. M gifted me with the most EXTRAORDINARY hand knit socks in a delicate lace pattern! Not only are the gorgeous, they fit beautifully! I will get a picture later!! Also there was a cool sock knitting bag, a pattern, two YUMMY skeins of sock yarn, and a notepad! And let's not forget abut the beads!!!!

J: Again, sent from heaven because I was having a bad day again (I have lots of those) and I found a box out by my mailbox! Packed to the brim with wonderful relaxing goodies and MORE BEADS!!! I love each and every thing and it was packed with such thought and care. There was incense and yummy bath products, an eye pillow (which I need BADLY!), inspiration cards, a CD of wonderful music, and note cards!

Today I hope to tackle some piled up paperwork and get myself organized!! I finally got my yard all cleaned up, it was especially messy after the little Nor"Easter this weekend!! We were without power for about 12 hours! Lucky for me, I had plenty of lanterns, a good cheesy romance, and three pugs to keep me warm! So at least my yard is ready for the winter, even though I am not!!! :)

PS. I did post some new jewelry this week, and have more for next week! I did a "trade" with the art gallery where my pieces are currently being displayed, so the new items are from there. It was fun to see them again, but even more fun if you find somehting you like and cannot live without! The holidays are right around the corner!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie -

It's me, the pain in the neck --

I am glad you took my advice and wrote a nice long entry to let all your online friends know you are OK.

Even though I am out of town on business in god-awful Ft Wayne, IN - know that I am thinking about you all the time!

Coming home today!

See you soon.

Love, Eddie